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ANCO Conveyors supply an extensive range of belting to accommodate virtually any application. From fabric belts through to steel cord belting, we have the right solution at hand.

 ANCO Conveyors Global buying power ensures steady availability of product, reasonable costs on raw materials, fast delivery times and competitive pricing. Through this global network of material supplies and products, we are able to offer our customers a guaranteed service without compromising quality.

Some Examples are:

Grade N Belting is a general purpose abrasion resistant compound used

for carrying coal, grain, cement, screenings etc. This compound is used

on standard and stock belting and complies with AS1332-2000. Where

special compounds are not required this is the most likely to be appropriate.

AS-M Cover is the most widely used in the Mining and Construction industries. Tried and proven over many years, it has proven to be cost effective and durable. Grade M is a general purpose compound with a higher degree of cut and gouge resistance used to convey large abrasive lumps such as quartz, limestone, coke etc. Grade M complies with Australian Standards AS1332-2000 and is suitable for handling burden to 50⁰C.

This conveyor belt is designed for the ultimate resistance to abrasion and is recommended for transporting abrasive materials. Equivalent to DIN-W with less than 70 abrasion loss. It is developed to assure the longest best life and suitable for conveying glass cullet granite trap rock and other abrasive materials.

Sugar FRAS is a special non stick compound manufactured with fire resistant and antistatic qualities especially for the Sugar Industry.

CFW (Crows Foot Weave)
Crows Foot Weave (CFW) M Grade Rubber Conveyor Belt designed for high abuse installations is manufactured with a unique EP (polyester nylon) carcass with 50% more threads (ends) in the warp 40% heavier weft yarn 20% more weft threads (picks) and over twice the strength in the weft providing a belt with 5 times the strength of conventional fabric conveyor belts.

Heat resistant rubber conveyor belts are most suitable for most heat resistant applications where the temperature of the material being carried is over 60⁰C.

The core rubber used in the manufacture of Oil Resistant belts is specially compounded for applications requiring resistance to oils & some solvents. It generally has outstanding abrasion ozone and water resistance. This conveyor belt is recommended for the conveyor lines causing and sponginess by oils.


Our range of light to medium duty EP250/2RTB & medium duty EP375/3RTB are both suitable for a wide variety of deck incline % decline conveying applications up to approx 32⁰. Rough Top Rubber Conveyor Belts offer excellent resistance to rip‚ tear‚ mildew‚ rot & moisture. N grade rubber conveyor provide good resistance to abrasion while preventing vibration of‚ or absorbing & reducing impact to conveyed materials by providing a cushioning effect. Our heavy duty 3ply belt is available up to 180mm wide & is a popular choice for recycling facilities & replacement belts for Hesston 5540 & 5580 balers.

The exceptional bolt holding strength of the solid woven belting makes it ideally suited for bucket elevators. This strength combined with the flame retardant and static conductive properties of the PVC compound makes it a popular choice for grain and feed applications. Solid Woven PVC belting offers many advantages

Inline (Cleated) conveyor is used to carry product such as grain ‚ sand‚ and minerals up steep inclines. Cleated belts increase the capacity of granular materials in heavy duty incline applications. All cleats are integrally moulded with high abrasion resistant qualities. Where the angle of inclination of conveyors exceeds 18⁰ utilisation of a Cleated belt is recommended. C6 is suitable for 20⁰ incline‚ C15 for 30⁰ &C25 for 40⁰ incline. In all cases the cleat designs ensures contact with rollers at every cleat transition.

Steel Cord Conveyors Belting is manufactured to meet the specific needs of the given application providing superior protection against the abuse of conveying virtually any material. Practice has proven that the steel cord belt is superior to all other belt types with regard to long life and economy especially at high belt tension levels and when heavy goods are to be conveyed. The reason for this superior quality is the all – rubber construction and a high impact resistance. The outstanding splice strength allows the tensile strength of the steel cord belt to be put to optimal use.

The Rip Detection System incorporates “belt sensor loops” in the belt at predetermined spacing’s (usually 30 – 50m) which are detected by a reader to ensure that rips are contained to a minimum.

“EP’ CONVEYOR BELT is a conveyor belt consisting of a synthetic woven fabric‚ utilising a polyester fibre for warp and polyamide (nylon 66) fibre for weft and has the following specific features: