Every product in the ANCO Conveyor’s range is covered by our service area to both maintain and repair when necessary. Some of the specific areas we cover are listed below.

                                                                   Conveyor and Elevator Belting Service
                                                                           We offer conveyor belt splicing on steel cord belt, fabric belt, solid woven                                                                and PVC belting.


ANCO Conveyors has mobile belt cleaner maintenance crews, along

with roller and skirt system replacement programs.  We also offer

complete conveyor audits with a comprehensive reporting procedure.

Pulley Refurbishment

A complete pulley refurbishment service is available to all customers.
Pulleys can be covered with a number of materials such as natural or FRAS rubber in sheet or strip form, ceramic strips or polyurethane if required. Pulley lagging can either be carried out insitu, or on site.
Refurbishment services can be basic re-lagging service, or can be comprehensive to include items:
++ Visual defect checks including cracks, dents etc.
++ Strip, prime and relagging of pulleys.
++ Bearing and seal replacements.
++ Protective coatings.
++ Abrasive blasting and painting.
++ Balancing and testing for oil leaks.
++ Wrapping for ozone protection along with preparation for transportation.
++ Reporting on condition of pulleys using unique serial Numbers as identification.

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